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Category : Environment
Organization / individual type : Non-profits

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Rise for the Sparrows is an initiative of the Nature Forever Society which aims to Inspire, Empower and Involve the citizens, schools, educational organisations, government agencies, NGOs and practically anyone who is to contribute towards conservation of sparrows and other common birds. It aims to achieve this by providing simple choices which can be undertaken by citizens and organisations from diverse backgrounds.


Soon, children may hear stories that begin with, “Once upon a time, there was a little bird called a sparrow.” Soon, but not yet. It is not too late to stop this calamity. Just the fact that you are reading this means, you have realized that we have suddenly become sparrow-unfriendly. You are curious to know if the House Sparrow can be saved from extinction. That’s the first step to saving the House Sparrow and to bring it back to neighborhoods where it has disappeared from.

Each of us can do our bit to save our neighbor of thousands of years. When you become a Sparrow Supporter, you make your locality and home; sparrow- friendly.

It’s not just the conservationist, researcher or government agencies that can save the House Sparrow. This bird depends on us to meet its ecological needs and it’s our responsibility to provide it with nesting sites, food, water and to keep its habitat safe. You can also get associated with organizations like NFS to help in conserving and preserving the House Sparrow for generations to come.

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64x64 Bird Feeder, Sparrow and Nestbox

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64x64 Bird Feeder, Sparrow and Nestbox

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