Broadcast for JomSocial is an awesome Social Sync tool that will tightly integrate your website with Popular Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. In Push Mode broadcast pushes Status Updates & any other content from your site ( extensible via Push plugins) to connected Social Networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. In Pull Mode, updates from User's Social networks to JomSocial's Activity stream. Pushes & Pulls are automated via cron Job giving your site a regular stream of fresh updates from users. RSS Update pulls are also supported by Broadcast & users can setup Multiple RSS feeds which broadcast pulls into the JomSocial Activity stream. If Pushes are setup, these are also pushed on to connected Social Networks. Broadcast truly turns your site into a Social App by achieving a superb level of activity exchange & integration.

How to See the Frontend Demo?

Connect and configure to your social account.

  • Login the site with provided user credentials on the home page.
  • Use the Module Alongside (after you login) to connect the Social Networks of your choice.
  • Click on Set up button to complete your set up select activities and save configuration.

Push status updates from site to social Account(Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter).

  • Go to Jomsocial profile page and update activity.
  • We have done set up for cron to update social account. And it will update automatically when cron runs.

Pull status updates from social Account(Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) to site.

  • Update your social account.
  • Our cron will get updates from social account to your Jomsocial Profile, when it runs.

Pull status updates from rss urls.

  • Set up rss link while Here and save for example .
  • Our cron will get updates from rss links to your Jomsocial Profile, when it runs.

How to See the Backend(Admin) Demo?

Manual Queue addition for any user.

  • You can manually add content to any users queue which will automatically pushed in to their social account.
  • For this you need to login to backend with account given on home page.
  • Now open queue here and select user which you have previously configured and connected and update content .
  • Our cron will update content from site to social account of that user .

When new content is created Push status updates from site to social Account(Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter)

  • Create article from backend note that while creating article select user "created by" which you have configured earlier from frontend.
  • New entry will be added in queue and will be posted to social account once cron update.

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