Invite to visit an article

Invite to visit an article

Invitex Anywhere - How to extend Invitex to work with any content type like Groups, events, Articles etc.

Version 2.1 Onwards, Invitex integrates a "Invite Anywhere" feature that allows admin to create 'Invite Types' & let users invite for any content element be it Groups, Events, Articles - absolutely anything. Just like a comments system can be extended to any content type, with Invitex Anywhere, we give the ability to Invite for any content type. If you are a developer, you can integrate Invitex anywhere very tightly with your or any application. Even if you do not knowdevelopment, we have provided some easy to use Widgets & a flexible module to let non Development users use the Invitex anywhere feature.

We have pre created some Invite Types for you in the ver 2.1 release. You can use these examples to extend Invitex to add your own Invite types. With 2.1 we have Invitations for JomSocial Groups, Events, Joomla Articles precreated.


Invite Anywhere

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