Cleanliness Drive

To keep surroundings clean and reduce diseases
Goal $ 50000
Amount received $ 510
Remaining amount $ 49490
Day(s) left No
Total investments / Max allowed investments
2 / No
29 Mar 2014
31 Jan 2019

A Water project

How we're working with our partners to tackle the issue of sustainability, educate communities, and fund mechanics programs to repair broken water projects.
Goal $ 50000
Amount received $ 1100
Remaining amount $ 48900
Day(s) left 438
Total donations / Max allowed donations
2 / No
1 Apr 2014
30 Apr 2020

Be A Sparrow Supporter

Soon, children may hear stories that begin with, “Once upon a time, there was a little bird called a sparrow.”

Soon, but not yet. It is not too late to stop this calamity. Just the fact that you are reading this means, you have realized that we have
Goal $ 1000
Amount received $ 200
Remaining amount $ 800
Day(s) left 683
Total donations / Max allowed donations
3 / No
1 Jan 2014
31 Dec 2020

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