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Return To Top - Content Plugin

Return To Top - Content Plugin

Plugin Description

We're sure that many times you must have struggled with putting a 'return to top' or 'top' link several times in your articles and worries about it being consistent throughout the site. Right? Let this plugin solves that for you. By just putting rt in curly braces without spaces { rt } in your content items you can produce a return to top link that has custom link text. We've also added the ability to add a CSS class to the links.

How To Use This Plugin -

  • Download, install and enable the plugin

  • Then open any Joomla content article for editing, add rt in curly braces without spaces { rt } and  save article.

  • Then view that article in Joomla frontend and you will see a link created to let you jump to top of that article.

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How To See Demo For This Plugin -

Try now by clicking the below Top link, it will jump to the top area of this article.

[ Top ]

NOTE : Admin side demo is not available for this product.

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